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Feed Your Genes Right

Eat to Turn Off Disease-Causing Genes and Slow Down Aging


We've all been taught that we're stuck with the genes we inherit from our parents. • But the truth is that our genes are not "cast in bronze." The fields of biochemistry and genetics have found that our genes actually depend on many nutrients to do their assigned jobs. In fact, we need various nutrients to make new genes (for normal growth and healing), to repair damaged genes (and slow the aging process), and to regulate many types of gene behavior (to prevent cancer). • As we get older, our genes are more likely to malfunction, but this does not have to be an inevitable process. Feed Your Genes Right was the first major consumer book to explain in simple language how our genes depend on good nutrition, as well as how "bad" genes can be improved through the selective use of nutritional supplements. A major part of Feed Your Genes Right focuses on specific health concerns, such as heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's — and the nutrients that help genes perform at their best.

Praise for Feed Your Genes Right

Links between genes and disease have become a popular subject of debate in the world of health. The obvious genetic basis of diseases such as cystic fibrosis has been recognized for years, but now there appear to be genetic causes for some cancers, heart disease, and types of diabetes. It also appears that people with genetic predispositions to certain diseases can cut their risks of contracting them if they pursue healthy eating regimens that provide plenty of nutrition and few carbohydrates. Challem calls the best foods "nutrient dense," foods that provide the most vitamins and minerals and the fewest simple sugars. This takes the low-carb diet to a different plane, one that emphasizes the health-giving aspects of food beyond mere consumption of protein. Challem offers specific nutritional advice for sufferers from many sorts of diseases, from prostate cancers to celiac disease to sickle-cell anemia. Proponents of nutritional therapies will find a lot of support here, and Challem's exhaustive bibliography leads the curious reader to basic texts and scientific studies. - Mark Knoblauch
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"Feed Your Genes Right puts the complicated issue of nature versus nurture firmly to rest at last. Nutrition plays a crucial role in how our genes express themselves, and in this book Jack Challem clearly shows us nutritional guidelines for how we can make the most of our genes for better health and longevity."

— Fred Pescatore, M.D., author of the best-selling The Hamptons Diet.

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