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No More Fatigue

Why You’re So Tired and What You Can Do About It


Stressed out and tired all the time? Seems as though nearly everyone feels that way • Many people try to get through the day by drinking caffeine and eating sugar-rich foods — and still feel tired. • In No More Fatigue, Jack explains the five circles, or causes, of fatigue • The five circles consist of stress, poor eating habits, hormone imbalances, chronic illness and medications, and the aging process • With helpful questionnaires, you can determine the most likely causes of your own fatigue • Jack’s dietary recommendations and supplement regimens can help you get your energy back to enjoy life • You can adopt his suggestions for getting a better night’s sleep, as well as easy ways to become more physically active • Click on the links below to read and download two free chapters of No More Fatigue • Click on the link to amazon.com to order the book • And remember, whether you're nearby or far away, find out how Jack's writing and personal nutrition coaching can help you

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