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Stop Prediabetes Now

The Ultimate Plan to Lose Weight and Prevent Diabetes


All over the world, people are succumbing to the twin epidemics of diabetes and obesity • In the United States, two-thirds of adults are now overweight, and up to 100 million people have prediabetes • In Europe, the numbers are growing as well • But prediabetes offers a window of opportunity, a time to regain one's health • If you've tried to lose weight, but keep gaining it back, you've probably failed to correct underlying prediabetic problems with your blood sugar • When you do control your blood sugar, your appetite will decrease, and you'll be less likely to overeat • In Stop Prediabetes Now, personal nutrition coach Jack Challem and Ron Hunninghake MD provide a clear eating plan for life (not just a diet to go on), along with advice on specific foods and supplements that can help regulate blood sugar and insulin function • Scroll down to read free excerpts from Stop Prediabetes Now and related magazine articles • And remember, whether you're nearby or far away, find out how Jack's writing and personal nutrition coaching can help you.

"As usual, Jack Challem, has brought us a book right on target and ahead of the health curve. This surprising, unbiased book tells the truth about a condition that has clearly become a "hidden" epidemic in this country. Stop Prediabetes Now is one of the most important books to be published in a very long time."
-- Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., award-winning NY Times bestselling author of The Fat Flush Plan and The Fast Track Detox Diet

"Diabetes and prediabetes are nutritional diseases, and the best way to prevent and reverse them is through nutrition. Once again, Jack Challem shows that he's ahead of the curve with practical advice for improving eating habits and taking nutritional supplements."
— Ronald L. Hoffman, MD, author of How to Talk to Your Doctor

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