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Syndrome X

The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Insulin Resistance

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Syndrome X is also known as metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance syndrome • It consists of a cluster of abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, elevated blood fats, and hypertension • Jack’s book, published in 2000, was the first consumer book to describe Syndrome X — and the only one to become a national best seller • It describes how processed foods set the stage for Syndrome X, which in turn increases the likelihood of diabetes and heart disease • Syndrome X recommends two diets to get blood sugar and weight under control, along with helpful supplements. • Remember, whether you're nearby or far away, find out how Jack's writing and personal nutrition coaching can help you • Return to Jack's home page to discover much more that can change your life for the better...

Sir Tom Jones (Yes, the Singer) and Syndrome X

Yes, Sir Tom Jones followed the program in the book and lost 30 pounds! Read more.

Praise for Syndrome X

“A much-needed guide for the millions who have Syndrome X and don’t know it until they suffer serious health consequences. I am recommending this book to my many patients who have this problem.” — Priscilla Slagle, M.D., author of The Way Up from Down

"Syndrome X could very well be the next public health crisis, and the information in this book can keep you from becoming another statistic. The nutritional and supplement advice in Syndrome X should help you stay healthy and lean." — Fred Pescatore, M.D., author of the best-selling The Hamptons Diet.

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Everything you need to know is in Stop Prediabetes Now, including an easy-to-follow dietary plan and updated recommendations for dietary supplements.

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